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69 MHz VHF CB License free - often used as an alternative to the 31 MHz band license free band, 26/27 MHz CB band, 155 MHz Hunting Radio Service or the UHF PMR446 service. Very similar in function to the RHA68 VHF mid-band license free land mobile service and the 78 MHz VHF CB service in Thailand.

The free frequency range in Sweden of 69 MHz (new from 2016) is divided into 8 license-free channels with transmitter power max. 25 W ERP (ERP = power including antenna gain / antenna gain). In addition, there are ten channels with a maximum of five w power. 69 MHz is planned for "land mobile traffic" and can be compared to a license-free variant of haulage radio (trucks, delivery trucks, taxis), which can now be used freely by everyone, in the same way as 31 MHz in the paragraph above. One difference from 31 MHz is that 69 MHz needs slightly shorter antennas because the wavelength is shorter. Another difference is that 69 MHz is slightly less exposed to noise disturbance from electrical appliances. For 69 MHz, there are both portable devices (walkie-talkies) and devices for mounting in vehicles. It is permitted to place vehicle devices in places other than vehicles and connect to the external antenna for extended range. The design and location of the antennas are of great importance for the range.

People interested in radio technology usually talk on 69.1875 MHz (channel 8).

Frequency (MHz) max 25W 25 watts power limit. 69.000 MHz - 69.200 MHz, 12.5 kHz channel offsets, 25 kHz channel spacing

  • 69.0125 MHz
  • 69.0375 MHz
  • 69.0625 MHz
  • 69.0875 MHz
  • 69.1125 MHz
  • 69.1375 MHz
  • 69.1625 MHz
  • 69.1875 MHz

On the carrier frequency 69.0125 MHz, only mobile transmitters may be used within the counties of Västra Götaland and Halland [5]

Frequency (MHz) max 5W 5 watts power limit. 69.625 MHz - 69.725 MHz, 6.25 kHz channel offsets, 12.5 kHz channel spacing 69.63125 MHz 69.64375 MHz 69.65625 MHz 69.66875 MHz 69.68125 MHz 69.69375 MHz 69.70625 MHz 69.71875 MHz

Channel Frequency
Channel 1 69.0125 MHz
Channel 2 69.0375 MHz
Channel 3 69.0625 MHz
Channel 4 69.0875 MHz
Channel 5 69.1125 MHz
Channel 6 69.1375 MHz
Channel 7 69.1625 MHz
Channel 8 69.1875 MHz
Channel 9 69.60625 MHz
Channel 10 69.61875 MHz
Channel 11 69.63125 MHz
Channel 12 69.64375 MHz
Channel 13 69.65625 MHz
Channel 14 69.66875 MHz
Channel 15 69.68125 MHz
Channel 16 69.69375 MHz
Channel 17 69.70625 MHz
Channel 18 69.71875 MHz

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