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The ABM-1 Galosh (Soviet designation A-350) was a Soviet, nuclear-tipped surface-to-air anti-ballistic missile. The Galosh (NATO reporting name, formerly SH-01) was a component of the A-35 anti-ballistic missile system. Its primary mission was to destroy U.S. Minuteman and Titan intercontinental ballistic missiles targeting Moscow.The ABM-1 was introduced during the 1960s with mechanically steered radar guidance. It contained a high-yield nuclear warhead, comparable to the U.S. Nike Zeus.The ABM-1B (Soviet designation A-350R) was introduced with the advanced A-35M missile system and became operational during 1978. This system was tested at the Sary Shagan Launch Facility with five test flights during 1971, 1976, and 1977, with two more tests during 1993 and 1999.The next generation of missiles, introduced with the A-135 ABM System, were the ABM-3 Gazelle (1970s), and ABM-4 Gorgon (1980s).

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