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==External links==
==External links==
*[ ACE home page on]
*[ Scanned copies of ACE issues]
[[Category: Pirate radio esoterica]]
[[Category: Pirate radio esoterica]]
[[Category:Radio societies]]
[[Category:Radio societies]]

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The Association of Clandestine Enthusiasts (or A*C*E) was a popular monthly newsletter dedicated to the pirate radio and clandestine listening hobby. It was published from about April 1982 through September 2005. It was founded by Darren Leno of Moorehead, Minnesota, an active pirate DXer and rumored operator. Leno operated the club and bulletin for the first few years of its existence. Later, it was headed up by others, including Kirk Baxter of Kansas, and John T. Arthur of New York.

For most of modern pirate radio history, the A*C*E was the (and often, the only) authoritative source for the exchange of logs and maildrop information for pirates. It often included profiles or interviews of pirate stations, as well as regular columns and technical articles. During its early-to-mid '80s heyday, it also included articles and loggings of spy-number stations.

The A*C*E was shutdown primarily due to low participation, because listeners had largely migrated to exchanging information via the internet.

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