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B Side Radio is a North American shortwave pirate. It was first logged in October 2022. Broadcasts are primarily jazz music (hosted by Bug Bigly), but occasionally other genres are also featured. Music is played from vinyl records, often the B Side. Modulation (20 kHz wide) and frequency stability are fantastic, it is one of the best sounding pirates in North America. Signal quality is usually strong in western North America (where the operator has indicated the station is located) and weak in eastern North America. It is mostly heard around 0200-0300 UTC, later than most stations. Broadcasts are mostly on 6935 kHz, but other nearby frequencies have also been used (always AM mode). Bug Bigly usually greets listeners who have posted on the HFU but has never provided any contact information.

QSL Policy

Bud Bigly has said that he used to operate a station under a different name and did send QSL cards. He found that the work required was not worth it so he does not wish to QSL for B Side Radio. He also said he dislikes working with computers.


Bud Bigly says the transmitter is a 10 watt transistor model. No further information is known.

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