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CFVP broadcasts at a power of 100 watts on 6030 kHz in the 49m shortwave band. It re-broadcasts a comedy formatted station (CKMX) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada branded on-air as Funny 1060 AM. The fact that it often suffers interference from Radio Martí and the Cuban jammer against that station combined with its very low power makes it a very difficult catch in many locations. Often the mediumwave signal is much stronger than the shortwave one.

CFVP was believed to be the second last of such HF legacy stations left in Canada. The proliferation of HF relays stations was common in the 1920s and 1930s.

In 2023, CFVP owners, Bell Media, underwent a restructuring. There were mass layoffs in Bell Media's CTV television newsrooms and Bell's lesser performing radio stations many of which were AM stations. Rather than risk new investment to possibly gain a return via increased ad revenue, shutting down the stations was the option taken. One of the stations affected was CKMX and consequently CFVP. They both went silent on June 14 2023.


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