Longwave Utility Stations

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Everything related to long wave utility stations goes here.

  • DGPS Differential GPS stations. Located in the LW & MW band (283.5 kHz - 325 kHz) along with the NDBs.

VLF stations

Freq (kHz) Callsign Location Operation Notes
11.905 kHz - Russia Alpha-Navigation
12.649 kHz - Russia Alpha-Navigation
14.881 kHz - Russia Alpha-Navigation
15.1 HWU Rosnay, France 400 kW
16.4 JXN Gildeskål Norway
17.2 SAQ Grimeton Sweden Only active on special occasions like Alexanderson Day
17.8 NAA Cutler Maine
18.1 - Russia RDL/UPD/UFQE/UPP/UPD8
18.3 HWU Le Blanc France
18.9 RKS Russia
19.6 GQD Anthorn Britain
19.8 NWC Exmouth, Western Australia
20.27 ICV Tavolara Italy
20.5 - Russia RJH63, RJH66, RJH69, RJH77, RJH99
20.76 ICV Tavolara Italy
20.9 HWU Saint-Assise, France
21.1 RDL Russia Inactive
21.4 NPM Hawaii USA
21.75 HWU Rosnay, France
22.1 GZQ Skelton Britain
22.2 JJI Ebino Japan
22.3 - Russia
23.0 - Russia RJH63, RJH66, RJH69, RJH77, RJH99
23.4 DHO38 Rhauderfehn Germany
24.0 NAA Cutler, Maine USA
24.6 NLK Seattle, Washington USA
24.8 NLF Arlington, Washington USA
25.2 NML LaMoure, North Dakota USA
60.0 WWVB Fort Collins, Colorado USA
60.0 JJY Mount Hagane, Japan
60.0 MSF Anthorn, Cumbria, UK
66.666 RBU Russia
68.5 BPC Pucheng, China
77.5 DCF77 Mainhausen, Germany
77.5 BSF Guishan, Taiwan

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