Pelee Island Broadcasting System

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Pelee Island Broadcasting System is a North American shortwave pirate heard only on December 31 2022 and January 28 and 30, 2023. It made four separate broadcasts on December 31 on the frequencies 6917 AM, 6921.1 AM, 6925 AM, and 6925 USB. The operator spoke, played music, and relayed another station off air. At one point he was getting some squealing in the audio which prompted an unknown operator to talk in USB in breaks of the PIBS broadcast and make comments about the audio issues. The broadcasts in January were both on 6955v (drifting frequency) AM. PIBS is notable for claiming a location on (the very small) Pelee Island, Ontario, Canada. If true, this is the only time this location has been used a a location for a pirate radio station and it may be the only Canadian shortwave pirate.

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