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WBNY SSTV message.
Sometimes SSTV images are used to make fun of or annoy SWLs.

Slow Scan Television or SSTV is a method of transmitting pictures on a narrow voice channel. While it is used primarily by hams, pirate radio operators occasionally transmit pictures on shortwave by this method. Regular amateur radio SSTV activity is centered on 14230 kHz.


SSTV reception

The SSTV signal can be decoded from SSB reception by running the audio output from the receiver to a PC sound card, and using software designed to convert the signal to an image. In a pinch, a microphone connected to the sound card can be held up to the receiver's speaker. A decent, free software package for transmitting and receiving SSTV is MMSSTV.

Connection Issues

This has become an increasingly difficult topic, due to changes in Windows itself. Prior to Windows 8.1, it wasn't uncommon for PCs to have line in and/or mic in jacks. Now with modern laptops, these jacks are gone. Often this means you will need to purchase a USB soundcard, which has its own drivers. These articles discuss this topic in more detail;

Connecting to a Software Defined Radio (SDR)

With many - though not all- digital decoding programs, you will need software to route audio from a SDR. This is done through virtual audio devices; links to software for doing this are presented below. Any additions to this list are welcome.




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