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LF/VLF stations

Freq (kHz) Callsign Location Operation Notes
25.0 RJH69 Molodechno, BLR (1)
25.0 RJH77 Archangelsk, RUS (1)
25.0 RJH63 Krasnodar, RUS (1)
25.0 RJH99 Nizhny Novgorod, RUS (1)
25.0 RJH66 Bishkek, KGZ (1)
25.0 RAB99 Khabarovsk, RUS (1)
40.0 JJY Mount Otakadoya, J
60.0 JJY Mount Hagane, J
60.0 MSF Anthorn, G
60.0 WWVB Fort Collins, CO, USA continuous
66.66 RBU Moscow, RUS
77.5 DCF77 Mainflinger, D

HF stations

Freq (kHz) Callsign Location Operation Notes
2500 BPM China
2500 WWV Fort Collins, CO continuous
2500 WWVH Kekaha, HI continuous
3330 CHU Ottawa, CAN continuous
3810 HD2IOA Guayaquil, Ecuador
4996 RWM Moscow, RUS continuous
5000 BPM China
5000 HLA Daejeon, Korea
5000 WWV Fort Collins, CO continuous
5000 WWVH Kekaha, HI continuous
5000 YVTO Caracas, VEN
7850 CHU Ottawa, CAN continuous
7600 HD2IOA Guayaquil, Ecuador
9996 RWM Moscow, RUS continuous
10000 BPM China
10000 WWV Fort Collins, CO continuous
10000 WWVH Kekaha, HI continuous
14670 CHU Ottawa, CAN continuous
14996 RWM Moscow, RUS continuous
15000 BPM China
15000 WWV Fort Collins, CO continuous
15000 WWVH Kekaha, HI continuous
20000 WWV Fort Collins, CO continuous
25000 WWV Fort Collins, CO continuous, experimental


  1. Trond Jacobsen: The Russian VLF time-signal stations, "Beta", ALFLAB, Halden, Norway

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