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Customs Over The Horizon Network - used by Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and several other US Government agencies. Extensive use of ALE. USB voice used. Often included in radio programming with the FEMA SHARES and SECURE networks, among various others.

  • 5732 kHz USB
  • 5905.5 kHz USB
  • 5909.5 kHz USB
  • 7527 kHz USB
  • 8912 kHz USB
  • 10242 kHz USB
  • 11494 kHz USB
  • 12222 kHz USB
  • 13312 kHz USB
  • 13907 kHz USB
  • 14582 kHz USB
  • 15867 kHz USB
  • 18594 kHz USB
  • 20662 kHz USB
  • 20890 kHz USB
  • 23214 kHz USB
  • 24838.5 kHz USB
  • 25530 kHz USB

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