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Several copies of the Confidential Frequency List that were purchased on eBay.
Sample page of frequency listings from the CFL.

The Confidential Frequency List was a regular but now defunct publication published by Gilfer Associates in Park Ridge, NJ. The Confidential Frequency List was compiled and authored by Oliver P. Ferrell and, later, by Geoff Halligey.

The book ordinarily features a short forward, and several pages of discussion on topics related to utility listening. The majority of the book then featured telephone-book style listings, by frequency, of known utility activity between about 4 KHz and 28 KHz.

While most of the information in the series is now extremely dated, the books are an interesting look back at HF during the late Cold War (late 1970's to early 1980's). The book seems to have been last published in 2003.

Copies of various editions are easily obtained (used) on eBay for very little money, and make an interesting addition to any radio listening post.

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