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ImageRadio UK is a pirate radio station from the United Kingdon that started broadcasting in January, 2021. Their email address is

The station broadcasts in AM only and uses the following frequencies: 6273, 6275, 6300, 6305, 6325 & 6974 playing a mix of 60's to present day music.

The first transmission was with a homebrew Corsette QRP (1watt) transmitter built into a tobacco tin with help from Channel Z, as their experience grew with the technical side the station has constructed all of Dave Martins designed from the Corsair and Commando.

The antenna is Inverted-L 6 metres above ground level and has been logged in England, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Imageradio mainly use a Original Corsair design that produces 10w carrier with Dave Martin Opimod 6KHz limiter/compressor PCB to produce a punchy audio.

In 2022 Imageradio UK then went onto design a PCB version of Corsette, Corsair, Opimod limiter that they sold to help other build there own transmitter about 50 bare PCB's where sold (these aren't being sold anymore!) Occasionally you will see Imageradio non PCB version of the Corsair being sold on the UK & USA auction site.

ImageRadio UK is currently active, but not to certain schedule (normally weekends).

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