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KIPM - Illuminati Prima Materia, was a shortwave pirate active from the early to mid 00s. The host, Alan Maxwell, produced long, elaborate shows that featured dramatic, literate storylines, often with elements of science fiction woven in. KIPM normally operated on 6950/6955 and 13910/13915 KHz.

One show, for example, depicted aliens making murderous contact with humanity at the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico, portending an alien invasion. This show actually started a small panic in the ham radio community, among those who were not familiar with KIPM; several called in to Art Bells's show trying to find out what was really happening. KIPM's shows often aired nonstop for an entire weekend, stopping only to change frequencies.

KIPM was also known for spectacular QSLs. They usually featured glossy, full-colored, surrealistic original artwork on large sheets of excellent quality paper. Originally, KIPM QSLed from Lula, Georgia; this was a maildrop associated with Radio Bob's Communication Network. Maxwell later switched to Elkhorn, Nebraska. KIPM's programs are often relayed, and mention these drops; however, they are both closed, and it seems that KIPM is not replying to QSL requests at this time.

Although no longer producing new shows, Alan Maxwell still posts occasionally on the FRN, and he may still be reachable at Despite entreaties by his fans, he has not returned to the airwaves; recently, though (mid-2007), he did apparently post a message to the Free Radio Weekly saying that a return may be in the works.

Partial List of KIPM Shows

  • Accursed Galaxy, The
  • Adversary, The
  • Arecibo Alpha 1
  • Clockwork, The
  • Dead Zone, The
  • Electromagnetic Madness
  • Entropy
  • Evil Show, The
  • Existential Show, The
  • Final Descent Into Madness, The
  • God, Illuminator of Our Lives
  • HAARP Show, The
  • He Who Evolved
  • He Who Shrank (two parter)
  • Hollow Earth Bonus Show, The
  • Hollow Earth, The
  • Legend of Tiamat, The (two parter)
  • Monsters of the Mind
  • Nine Audio Signals From Space
  • Pirate Jesus
  • Primordial Time Journey
  • Questions
  • Ramblings From the Heart of Darkness
  • Reverend Maxwell's High Frequency Church
  • Saga of Wally Hymen, The
  • Secret Bonus Show
  • Seeds From Space, The
  • Strange Cargo
  • Talking Mushroom
  • Traffic Report Obscura
  • Truth, The
  • Twin Poles Of Eternity, The
  • War Hounds, The

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