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KMUD was one of the few pirate radio stations broadcasting from the west coast of the USA. KMUD was rumored to broadcast from the county of Inyo, in the desert of eastern California. They were active in the early 00s. However the station went on hiatus after receiving a warning from an FCC agent in the early 2000s. (Reports differ on the date, some mentioning November 2001, others specifying December 16, 2002.)

According to a 2010 FRN discussion regarding the November 2001 incident involving the FCC, KMUD was not on-air during the agent's daytime visit and only a warning was given. In an earlier discussion the date of the FCC warning was given as December 16, 2002.

In discussions of this incident it was noted that photographs of the station setup and location - posted to an operator's website - may have assisted the FCC field agent in discovering the station location and operator:

"...never put up a site/picture of your station antenna system with identifiable mountains in the background - especially if they are in a "national forest"-- desert or not ...DUMB! Interagency cooperation in this police state of ours is a fact now..." -- KMUD, January 8, 2004

It was first logged on the HFU after the bust in October 2009. Until September 2016 KMUD was only heard in USB. The original KMUD used crystal-controlled military surplus equipment that operated in AM mode only. All KMUD broadcasts from September 2016 to April 2022 were in AM mode on frequencies that would suggest a crystal-controlled transmitter. It is unclear if any of these broadcasts were the original KMUD, but propagation of both versions suggested they were still in California.

The station was operated by Steve McGreevy (N6NKS). He also produced many HF Beacons. In November 2020 he announced he was leaving the HF Beacon hobby and was last seen on the HFU in June 2022. His last known pirate broadcast was his only broadcast not under the name KMUD. On May 21, 2022 "Freedom Radio" aired on 1776 kHz AM with 20 watts from the Mojave desert playing music by Glenn Miller. Unfortunately, as of December 2022, it seems unlikely KMUD will be heard again.

FRN discussions concerning KMUD:

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