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Rádio Casa is a shortwave pirate from Amparo, São Paulo, Brazil. It operates on the below frequencies and powers:

  • 4005-50 watts (night only)
  • 5900-500 watts
  • 7455-350 watts
  • 8000-13 watts

During the winter season 7455 kHz & 8000 kHz usually have some very weak audio in eastern North America. Other frequencies are usually poorly heard outside of Brazil. It broadcasts the same programming on 4005, 5900, and 7455 kHz simultaneously, while 8000 kHz carries separate programming. Frequencies are slightly variable (usually a few hundred Hz above frequency and very slowly drifting). It broadcasts 24/7 as of January 2023. Programming is mostly American popular music with frequent canned identifications in Portuguese. It could easily be thought to be an unlicensed professional station, but it carries no advertisements. The total bandwidth of the signal on each frequency is 12 kHz. The station also broadcasts online and claims to have the call sign ZYW685 for 8000 kHz. Rádio Casa has its own Facebook page and website. Some people have been able to obtain eQSL's for correct reception reports sent to radiocasaam@gmail.com


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