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German Weather Service

QSL card from DDH47

A very regular service transmitting RTTY meteorological information is the German Weather Service (Deutscher Wetterdienst or DWD). The DWD regularly transmit two programs on various LF and HF frequencies in standard RTTY (ITA-2 alphabet). The list of callsigns, frequencies, baudrates and shifts (current May 2010) are as follows: [1]

Callsign Frequency speed/shift
DDH47 147.3 kHz 50 baud/85 Hz
DDK2 4583 kHz 50 baud/450 Hz
DDH7 7646 kHz 50 baud/450 Hz
DDK9 10100.8 kHz 50 baud/450 Hz
DDH9 11039 kHz 50 baud/450 Hz
DDH8 14467.3 kHz 50 baud/450 Hz

The DWD signals can be easily received in Europe, North Africa and parts of North America.


  1. DWD scheduled radio broadcast (May 2010)

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