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Radio Compañía Worldwide eQSL
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Radio Compañía Worldwide is a shortwave pirate from San Francisco, Chile. It uses 1 kW of power and is consistently audible in western North America during the winter, and can also be heard (although less reliably and for a shorter period) in eastern North America. Recently, programming has been entirely relays of professional stations (Radio & TV). It is unclear how long RCW has existed, but it has existed at least since December 2012 and its website says "© 1988-2023". As of January 2023, RCW operates from approximately 2000-0200 UTC daily on 6925 kHz AM. 7610 kHz AM is sometimes used. The frequency is generally very stable and accurate. Most broadcasts are announced on their Facebook page. It has verified reception reports sent to with an eQSL. Information from their Facebook page is below:

"RCW RADIO COMPAÑIA WORLDWIDE The international Chilean radio service.

It is a FREE radio station that was born from the unfortunate and constant disappearance of Onda Corta stations, whose mission is to keep Chile in the HF bands and to disseminate cultural, informative and musical programming. RCW is, up to now, together with RTE 5825 kHz, the only stations in the country that broadcast on Short Waves bands after the closure of the CVC Calera de Tango Broadcasting Center. In the creation of RCW, it is undeniable to recognize that it was inspired by the old Dutch RNW Radio Nederland Wereldomroep, its clear influence being noticeable in our programming and corporate figure.

Our shortwave transmitting centers named after Chilean heroes are: ◇ Rodríguez Erdoíza Station, currently in Stand By, has a power of 45 Watts AM (0.045 KW) with a G5RV inverted V-type dipole antenna capable of emitting in bands of 90, 75, 49 and 41 meter band. This station is powered to excite up to 150 effective watts. ◇ General Carrera Station, currently in service, has a power of 45 AM watts (0.045 KW) with an extended dipole antenna for the 43 and 41 meter band. This station is equipped to emit up to 1 kW of effective power from 49, 43 and 41 meters bands.

RCW is small among the small Shortwave stations but prides itself on being a radio that helps keep this important but underrated form of broadcasting alive.



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