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Radio Piepzender eQSL
Radio Piepzender is a legal private shortwave station from Zwolle, the Netherlands. It appears on the Hartvig list for July 2022 and is licensed for the frequencies 6130 kHz, 6185 kHz, 7425 kHz, and 7455 kHz. It does not maintain a regular schedule but operates mostly on weekends. As of July 2022 it is testing a transmitter with 200 watts into an inverted V antenna at a height of 25 meters. It verifies reception reports sent to with an eQSL. It also verifies reception reports sent through mail with a QSL card. Those interested in a QSL card should send your reception report with 5 Euros to

P.O. Box 2702 Herten 6049 ZG The Netherlands and mention Radio Piepzender on the envelope.


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