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Radio Spaceman QSL

Radio Spaceman is located in the Netherlands and the DJ Major Tom can be heard on both medium-wave and short-wave (2012). Here are some comments from a 1997 QSL card:

"Radio Spaceman was founded in Dec. 1996 to join the Level 48 project. Until that time the operator of Radio Spaceman had about 23 years of experience as a medium-wave pirate under another name. First we had the idea to go back to mw after the Christmas event of 96, but because of the big success we decided to stay on short-wave, mainly on the 76mb. We that are Major Tom, DJ and technician, and Spacelady, secretary and maid-of-all-work. We are living in the eastern part of the Netherlands, in the province of Gelderland. The programme of Radio Spaceman is mainly live and without any planning. Main transmission time is Friday or Saturday after 23:00 UTC."

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