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Front cover of the Reference Guide to the Utilities (1984)

The Society to Preserve the Engrossing Enjoyment of DXing or SPEEDX club was founded in 1971 by former officers and members of the American Shortwave Listeners Club.

SPEEDX published a printed monthly bulletin posted to members. It also participated in the Shortwave Paradise BBS, in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The society was fairly active until approximately 1985, but afterwards membership started to decline until the society was dissolved in 1995. Former SPEEDX members oriented towards utility DXing founded the internet-based World Utility News (WUN) club.

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  • SPEEDX utilities handbook
  • USCG DX handbook
  • World Utility DX handbook
  • Guide to Latin American DXing
  • SPEEDX Reference Guide to the Utilities: independent chapters in loose leaf format, covering specific topics of utility DXing.
  • The literature of shortwave radio

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