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The Death of Havana Moon (1)

Roger Pettengill

From: (Roger Pettengill)
Date: 1996/02/15
Subject: The Death of Havana Moon

The man shortwave radio enthusiasts knew only as "Havana Moon" died on January 9th shortly after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

William T. "Bill" Godbey, KB2OOR, of Ossining, NY was born September 5, 1936. For years as Havana Moon he wrote a monthly numbers station column for Monitoring Times titled "Los Numeros" and published pirate and numbers station newsletters under Moonbeam Publications. He and his wife Christine (known as "Kristin Kaye") ran a mail order company specializing in hobby radio items and later co-hosted the weekly "Signals" program on shortwave. In recent years they ran an Internet consulting business.

The March issue of Monitoring Times magazine will include a tribute to "Havana Moon" and a biography written by Christine.


The Death of Havana Moon (2)

From: (Roger Pettengill)
Date: 1996-02-17, 10:00
Subject: Re: The Death of Havana Moon

Tony Calguire <> wrote:

>On Thu, 15 Feb 1996, Roger Pettengill wrote:

>> The man shortwave radio enthusiasts knew only as "Havana Moon" died on
>> January 9th shortly after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

> WOW! That is some news! Some of you may recall that I asked for
> information about the failure of "Signals" last October. I had intended
> to post most of the information I had gathered, but never got around to
> it. I suppose now would be a good time to post it. Does anybody who sent
> me information mind if I post it now? Is there anything you didn't want
> me to post back then, but now wouldn't mind?

Additional info since my post of Feb 15:

According to the newspaper obituary, Bill was a retired US Navy officer and served with the Army Security Group in the late-50's and early 60's. He was a member of the Naval Cryptographic Veterans Association and the Association of Former Intelligence Officers.

He was born Sept 5, 1936 in McCrory, Arkansas, attended schools there and graduated from Arkansas State University in Jonesboro in 1958 with a degree in journalism. Before moving to NY he had lived in West Palm Beach, FL for 25 years and worked for Cox Enterprises (note: I'd seen a bio of him about a year ago that said he'd worked for Cox Communications). In addition to his fiancee, Christine, he is survived by a daughter, Jennifer Godbey of Tenneseee.

Since leaving the hobby radio scene he and Christine have been running an Internet consulting business.

According to reports, he had not been feeling well since last summer. Christine finally convinced him to see a doctor in the fall. One person I spoke with saw him at a Christmas party and said he seemed fine. He was admitted to the hospital New Year's Eve and died 10 days later.


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