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Thunder Chicken Radio SSTV
Thunder Chicken Radio is a North American shortwave pirate. It first appeared in December 2021 using the name Corn Desert Outpost and changed its name to Thunder Chicken Radio in August 2022. TCR often sends SSTV (always Martin modes) and waterfall images. The operator does not speak often, usually only a short bit at the end of the broadcast (if that). USB is the only mode used and several frequencies in the 43 meter band are used along with 4185 in the 73 meter band. It has also experimented with frequencies in the 48 meter Europirate band and the 25 meter broadcast band. Audio was very poor for a long time but has been improved significantly. Broadcasts are usually a few hours long and often focus on only one artist, usually rock music. Thunder Chicken Radio does not QSL.

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