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I'm Beerus Maximus, from Massachusetts.

I began DXing pirates and other HF oddities in 1990. It all started when I read the pirate loggings in Popular Communications. I was immediately hooked. Not long after, I caught my first real pirate station. I believe it was "Radio EXP" and it was on 7415 one snowy Sunday morning.

Below is a picture of my current listening post.

Beerus Shack 2007.jpg

Primary HF receivers are a Kenwood TS-480SAT and an Icom IC-746. The Kenwood is connected to a 40 meter dipole, and the Icom is connected to an 80 meter dipole, both in my back yard.

Other radios include:

- Radio Shack PRO-83, dedicated airband scanner
- Radio Shack PRO-95, miscellaneous public safety
- Bearcat BC895XLT, local public safety scanning
- Bearcat BCT15, statewide public safety scanning
- Uniden UM625c, dedicated VHF marine reception 
- Icom IC-2720, dual band VHF/UHF amateur radio
- Icom IC-725, modified for DRM reception
- Icom IC-T2H, 2 meter amateur radio 

Boxed up in their cartons, I have a variety of portables that I use for travel, including:

- Sony 2010, new in box, one of the last sold by Universal Radio
- Sony 7600GR, traveled extensively with this one
- Degen DE1102
- Degen DE1103
- Eton E10
- Eton E100
- Grundig S350
- Radio Shack DX-398
- Motobras (model unknown), won in Ragnar's Piratesweek contest
- GE Superradio III (quantity 2)
- Variety of small AM/FM pocket radios...

People who aren't into radio simply don't understand the obsession...

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