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Voice of Helium QSL

The Voice of Helium broadcasts were parody productions of The FOX.

The Helium Christmas Show featured Santa's elf Olie as the DJ, several of the stoned reindeer, Christmas tunes with a twist, pundit commercials, and R- to X-rated fare. The angel story is a real classic... Prancer is apparently an LGBT-type whose package looks like a "frozen hose" when he gets reined up behind Dancer... Prancer gets frisky in mid-air and Santa has to turn around... as soon as Santa has taken off, the elves are all over Mrs. Claus... Santa walks in on 'em... the "troll elf" dives for Santa's zipper... Santa smacks him off with one of Mrs. Claus' "industrial strength, milled aluminum vibrators".........

Running time 00:25:56

Classical Gas Intro -- "Super Stratospheric Radio, ur tuned to the Voice of Helium" ID

Stoned reindeer joking about the "troll from Belfast" and his Siberian icebreaker (foghorn in the background), rag at Prancer, and discuss how to run a hot copy of VoH down to some FR ops. (R-rated)

"The Happy Reindeer" song by Alvin & the Chipmunks

Olie the Elf (DJ) welcome comments.

"Santa Got a DWI" by Sherwin Linton

Olie with the drop info; Merlin, BRS and Providence

"Johnson Sock" ad -- "Jus cop da sock... 'n' she'll nev-ah no...dat u bin runnin'... lahk a lava flo".

"Somebody Stole My Santa Claus Suit" by Dan Hicks and the Xmas Jug Band (a la Hot Licks)

Nox Nixon for "Airco - Technical Gas Distributers" whipper commercial

"The Gasman" promo

Olie with shout outs to people in the hobby

"Nuttin' for Christmas" by Stan Freberg

Olie with instrux on how to get a QSL card; How did the angel... ? A "Totally Bogus Voice of Helium" ID. Then into the X-rated story of "how the angel came to sit on top of the Christmas tree." A classic!

Olie with Christmas wishes to the listeners, the Xmas Show ID, the drop addresses, and "a parody production of the FOX" ID.

FOX "Free Radio for a Free People" outro.

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