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Radio Vostochnaya Zvezda (Russian "Radio Eastern Star") is a shortwave pirate from Arizona. It first appeared under this name in early March 2023 broadcasting 24 hours per day on 4015 USB with a signal that was difficult to hear outside of the Southwest and was not heard by any listeners during the day. In late March 2023 it was first observed on a new frequency of 7325 USB. This frequency could be heard across the Southwest during the day and all of North America at night (with QRM from Radio Martí on 7335 AM). The music selection is mostly Russian alternative. Audio was 2.5 kHz wide in SSB but slightly distorted with some splatter. Programming is automated with music played from a long playlist. Frequent identifications in English and Russian, a recording of the op speaking with an altered voice, and the All Union Radio interval signal are often played. It rarely sends SSTV images. Starting in late March 2023 the op started experimenting with FM and then switched to AM with good modulation. He built an amplifier for the transmitter which significantly improved reception. In April he moved to 7400 kHz AM to escape the QRM from Radio Martí on 7335 AM. Equipment failure on May 15 2023 has put RVZ off the air until it is repaired. The antenna is a vertical. It also operates on 87.7 FM for listeners in Chandler. RVZ does issue eQSL cards with the email 87.7fmradiopushka@gmail.com.

Radio Pushka

Radio Pushka was the previous name of the same station. It originally bought air time on Radio Channel 292 in 2016. It first started using its own shortwave transmitter in the USA in 2020. It used frequencies in the 43 meter pirate band and in the 11 meter broadcast band. The station used a Stretchyman transmitter with 15 watts, and a broken amplifier. The amp brought power up to 200 watts when it worked.


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