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WCYC (World's Craziest Young Children) was a pirate radio station run by two brothers in the early 1990s in Hamilton Square, New Jersey. The station, along with notable stations like the Voice of the Night, was part of the "Baby Pirate" movement, which triggered one of the most heavily listened to periods in pirate radio history. Unlike most pirate radio station operators, baby pirates were typically very young and not overtly political. They did, however, embody much of the spirit of the free radio movement: fighting for the deregulation of the airwaves and the elimination of censorship in radio. WCYC broadcast for a number of years on shortwave (7415 kHz) and AM radio (1620 kHz) and was eventually shut down by the FCC. WCYC's brother DJs were part of a group of cyberpunks, known as the Digital Underground Association. WCYC is mentioned in Andrew Yoder's Pirate Radio Stations (2002).

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