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WDOG is a North American shortwave pirate, possibly the oldest still broadcasting. A station by the name of WDOG was logged first in 1987 on 7415 and 1620 AM. It seems that few broadcasts were made in the 80s but it was still active in 1989. WDOG was inactive through the 1990s to 2019. A station returned in June 2019 by the name of WDOG, believed to be the original one. The op soon rewarded KiloKat7, who heard the station in 1987, with possibly the longest delayed pirate QSL ever. A broadcast of all music by Gary Newman (like the one heard by KiloKat7) was also done. The operator speaks with a fake accent and plays a variety of music (popular hits of the 20th century are often played). CW identifications are sometimes used and dog sounds are often played over parts of songs as part of the identification. WDOG often uses USB and frequencies in the 43 meter band but also uses AM (with very good audio) and has experimented with other frequency bands. Very likely the same station as WTF Radio Worldwide.

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