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WDX registration certificate for Jerome S. Berg, WDX1BM, signed by Amelia Greenwald, WDX2BA and Hank Bennett, WDX2FT

After Popular Electronics dropped the WPE monitor registration program in 1970, Hank Bennet, W2PNA, former PE shortwave editor, started independently a similar program as a service to DXers. He dropped the WPE prefix for obvious reasons and replaced it with WDX.

WDX registration service

On September 1, 1970, the "WDX" callsign program went into effect. Bennett offered several options:

  1. A listener could receive a brand new "WDX" call (the next one in alphabetical order) for 50¢
  2. Alternateively he could exchange his existing "WPE" call for the same "WDX" version for 25¢
  3. Also he could select a specific call (when available) for $2, including the desirable 2-letter suffixes which were remisncent of the very early days of the "WPE" program.

Bennett would even replace lost or damaged "WPE" certificates for 50¢.

WDX registration service

By Hank Bennet W2PNA


This system of registering anyone interested in any form of radiocommunications was started in Cleveland, Ohio, a number of years ago by a gentleman who wanted to make it possible for anyone ~ licensed radio operator ~ or unlicensed listener ~ to have a definate form of identification for useage in the hobby. This gentleman soon found out that there really was work involved and in due time he turned the program over to Popular Electronics magazine. They, inturn made a gallant effort to promote the program with identifiers begining with the prefix WPE [under the earlier stages, it had been WRO.] When the program progressed to the point where it became necessary for overtime wages to be paid to keep up with it, the then Shortwave Editor, Hank Bennett-W2PNA for the magazine offered to assume full responsibility for the continuation of the program. At the magazine's request, the WPE was dropped and replaced by WDX and became the identifier prefix in 1970. Since that time, WDX has continued to roll along, registering many thousands of hobbyists the world over.


As explained, at least partially, above, the basic purpose of this program is to register ANYONE in the WDX Monitor Registration Service, and for a reasonable fee covering handling, supplies, and postage. Issued to each applicant is a handsome certificate bearing an individual "callsign" indentifier which can be used in just about any form of radio communications, except for actual on-the-air work. It is ***NOT*** a permit to operate a transmitter but it is a means of having a radio type callsign-identifier that can be used in correspondence. Anyone interested in any form of radio can apply, It is recognized by broadcast stations the world over. Originaly designed for the listener who, for any of many reasons, is not able to obtain a federaly-issued radio license, it has developed into a program that is almost equaly embraced by licensed radio amateurs who have found it a novel way to have both actual operating license and a non-operating shortwave identifier.

Types of identifiers

We have three (3) types available, using a common certificate for all of them. The first and lowestpriced one, is the general issuance certificate ~ the applicant will receive the next certificate in alphbetical order. The second and available at a higher fee, is what we term as our "Special Class" certificates. The applicant chooses a set of three letters to follow the area prefix of his location. Thus an applicant can request his initials or any group of three letter of his choice and we will issue that as long as it has not been previously issued to someone else. The third ~ and at a higher fee ~ is the "Premium Class" {for USA applicants only} which will get the applicant a certificate bearing just on, if available or two letter after the prefix. Thus WDX3Y or WDX6AA, as examples, might be issued. All USA applicants will be issued WDX or KDX identifiers. In every other country, the prefix will fairly well match the prefix of the applicants location.

We offer lower prices to the bona-fide handicapped applicants and we also offer lower costs to groups of ten (10) or more personsn who are applying as memebers of a recognized hobby radio group, such as school groups for example.

All applicants may be made to the WDX Monitor Services, PO Box 9, Collingswood, NJ - 08108

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