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WFED is a clear channel Class A mediumwave (AM broadcast band) station transmitting 50,000 watts (50 kW) on 1500 kHz (1.500 MHz) from Washington, D.C.

WFED occupies the Washington 1500 kHz facility and transmitter formerly used by WTOP. WTOP is now used by a FM station in Washington, D.C. on 103.5 MHz FM, which carries WTOP's former AM news/traffic/weather format. For a period of time WTOP transmitted on AM and FM before switching exclusively to FM and changing the Washington, D.C. 1500 kHz facility to WFED. When the AM band was 550 kHz to 1500 kHz, WTOP was literally "at the top of the dial", hence the callsign. Interestingly enough, WTOP operates two FM repeaters and one FM translator, W275BO on 102.9 MHz, WTLP on 103.9 MHz and WWWT on 107.7 MHz, putting WTOP at the "top of the dial" once again (only this time on the FM band).

WFED can reliably be heard a considerable distance from D.C. during the daytime (often reaching south of Fredericksburg, VA and north past Baltimore, MD). At night WTOP's signal can easily be received in the eastern half of the United States and has been logged much further. WFED shares the 1500 kHz clear channel frequency with KSTP in Minneapolis - Saint Paul, MN.

WFED transmits news, talk and information catering to workers of the US federal government (hence the callsign, WFED), the US military, defense contractors as well as operating as one of many 50 kW sports stations that pepper the mediumwave AM dial. WFED is the 50 kW clear-channel "flagship station" for the Washington Nationals baseball club and carries other sports events/games as well. It is one of several AM and FM sports/news/talk stations in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

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