Wellbrook ALA 1530+

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The Wellbrook ALA 1530+ is an active magnetic loop receive-only antenna, manufactured by Wellbrook communications of the UK. It consists of an approximately 3' diameter loop, made of aluminum tubing about 1" in diameter, with an integrated amplifier. A small interface device located near the receiving radio supplies 12 volts to the antenna over the coaxial cable, and provides an interface to the radio over the full range of reception.

It has a wide reception range, 50khz to 100mhz, and is particularly effective in the lower reaches of the HF band. It may be mounted either indoors or out. If mounted vertically, it exhibits directionality; mounted horizontally, it is omnidirectional. As a magnetic loop, it responds primarily to the magnetic component of a radio signal; this gives it some immunity to local electrical noise.


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