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Major World Air Route Area (MWARA) Frequencies

See: list of MF and HF aeronautical band HF aircraft bands

Vast areas of the world lack the necessary VHF airband communication systems needed to provide reliable radio coverage between aircrews and air traffic controllers. This lack of VHF coverage is generally due to their remote locations - for example much of the airspace over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. To compensate for this lack of VHF coverage a group of HF Frequencies has been allocated. Each set of frequencies are often referred to as 'families'.

For worldwide listing by families with maps, see the Atlantic page on the Collins website for the Atlantic routes, and for the Pacific, polar and Mexican routes see the Pacific, Polar and Mexican page from the Collins website. These pages also contain charts with up to date LDOC (Long Distance Operational Control) frequencies

For an easier to read chart of frequencies, see the MWARA article on the RadioReference wiki (note: offsite wiki)

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