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Local radio services above 30 MHz (or above 25 MHz, or above 29.7 MHz - see below), while mostly focusing on US topics this list does include services only used outside the United States as well as international services such as the internationally-allocated VHF maritime band and the internationally-allocated VHF aeronautical band.

While operating in the 26-28 MHz range, the 27 MHz CB radio service/Citizen's Band (CB) radio service is often lumped in with these services since it is treated as a local service by most users and regulatory agencies alike. Technically, the CB service allocation is an HF band allocation, but it normally behaves like a VHF low band service as CB is above 25 MHz.

Not all listed services are available in all countries.

Now even you can outfit your militia with VHF/UHF radio communications! Use Baofeng model UV-5R tactical VHF/UHF radios! Image shows a Ukrainian solider with a handheld VHF UHF radio - the popular Baofeng UV5R 136-174 MHz and 400-520 MHz covers most of the popular VHF/UHF bands as well as 2-meter and 70-cm amateur bands. Reports indicate that use of 2 meter frequencies as well as land mobile frequencies in the VHF band are popular for short-range tactical communications within and between units of both Ukrainian military and militia groups. Russian troops have also been photographed with Baofeng UV-5R, UV-82, UV-82HP, BF-F8HP, UV-6R, BF-888S and similar Chinese VHF/UHF handheld radios in Ukraine. In addition to the Baofengs used by Ukraine, Russian troops are reported to be using Baofeng UV-82 radios, BF-888 type radios such as the Luiton LT-458, and others. Ukrainian forces have also been noted using Motorola FRS handhelds in addition to Baofeng, Pofung, Quansheng, Puxing, Retevis, etc. The Retevis RT1 VHF handheld with the long antenna is apparently very popular.
Another image of a solider in Ukraine using a Baofeng UV-5R VHF/UHF radio. Since the 2022 invasion, countless images of soldiers using Baofeng radios as tactical military radios have surfaced. The UV-82 / UV-82HP, UV-5R and others are very popular. Noted confirmation of Russian issued Baofeng UV-82HP and UV-82 radios on 435.050 MHz and 140.400 MHz and other images of UV-5Rs on 140.000 MHz, 146.000 MHz, 433.000 MHz, 434.075 MHz, 434.775 MHz, other LPD433 frequencies, the PMR446 frequencies, FRS frequencies and various others.

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