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Most of communications NASA does with airplanes and spacecraft happen on VHF, UHF and higher frequencies. However, during every space shuttle launch, there are HF communications between Cape Radio, the Booster Recovery Director and the Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) recovery ships Freedom Star and Liberty Star.

There is a long list of possible frequencies for these communications, but only a few of these have been heard in 2008 and 2009. Those have been marked with a *. Communications are in USB mode, in voice as well as ALE data bursts (automatic link establishment).

List of SRB recovery HF frequencies

Space Shuttle SRB recovery ship comms
Frequency Last heard Notes
2764 kHz
2836 kHz
3041 kHz
3120 kHz
3187 kHz
3365 kHz
4993 kHz
5011 kHz
5180 kHz
5246 kHz
5711 kHz February 2010
5810 kHz August 2009 Briefly, co-channel with a broadcaster
6751 kHz August 2009
6897 kHz
6937 kHz
7525 kHz
7765 kHz
7833 kHz August 2009
9043 kHz February 2010
9132 kHz July 2009
10780 kHz October 2009
11104 kHz October 2009
11205 kHz
14973 kHz
17780 kHz
20185.6 kHz
20390 kHz

These frequencies are also used by other users of the shortwave spectrum, so take your time to confirm that you are really hearing NASA.

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