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The Pinto Valdeze is a long retired Timtron mode of transportation. It was a "little red Ford Pinto" that was given to him. The Pinto Valdeze derived its name from the Exxon Valdez (oil tanker that was responsible for a big oil spill off the coast of Alaska) because it leaked oil to the point of leaving an oil slick wherever it went.


Here is da Tron adjusting his mobile antenna commonly referred to as "The Dawg Log". Note the oversize tires, required equipment for getting up Henry Yellar Mountain during the winter and especially in Mud Season!

The Pinto Valdez.jpg

Another view of the Pinto Valdez parked at the Hosstraders Tailgate Swapfest at Rochester NH sometimes in the 1990s. As usual it is loaded down with "shtuff" purchased or given to Tim at the 'Fester'.

Tim & Pinto Valdez.jpg

Taken out of service, the Pinto Valdez slowly decomposes into the ground in its final resting spot on Henry Yellar Mountain. It was consumed by the May 1992 fire and the remains were towed away for scrap.

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