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Sangean ATS-803A
The Radio Shack DX-440, also known as the Sangean ATX-803A is a moderately-sized, battery-powered, portable shortwave and commercial FM receiver. It was manufactured by Sangean from 1989 to 1995, and is still frequently seen for sale on eBay and from other sources. It is about the size of a hardcover book, and weighs close to six pounds when batteries are installed.

Frequency coverage is 150 khz to 29999 khz, as well as the commercial FM band. For shortwave, reception is in AM, and can be switched to SSB. A beat frequency oscillator (BFO) knob adjusts the carrier frequency, and is used to adjust reception for either USB or LSB. For FM, audio can be listened to in stereo if headphones are used. Tuning is digital, with a large LCD display. Tuning is done using either a tuning knob, or by direct entry via a numeric keypad, or by "UP" and "DOWN" buttons. There are also nine frequency memories.

Power is supplied by nine D-cell batteries; tuning memories are retained by two AA-cells. An external nine-volt DC power supply can also be used. The DX-440 comes equipped with a ferrite coil antenna for lower-frequency reception, such as commercial AM, and a whip antenna for higher frequencies. A jack is also present to allow the attachment of an external antenna.

The DX-440 was Al Fansome's first shortwave receiver, and it gave rise to the Al Fansome pirate DXing legend.

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