Sony ICF SW-7600G

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Sony ICF-SW7600G
The Sony ICF SW-7600G is a small, battery-powered, portable shortwave and commercial FM receiver. About the size of a paperback book, the 7600G receives shortwave signals in AM, USB, and SSB for the frequency range of 150 khz to 29999 khz. It also receives commercial FM broadcasts as well, and can provide stereo audio for FM when headphones are used. Tuning is completely digital, with a very readable LCD display. There is no tuning knob; tuning is by direct entry using a digital keypad, or by stepping through frequencies using "arrow" keys. Twenty two memories are also provided.

The radio is sturdily built, and comes with a padded carrying case, as well as a reel-type wire antenna. This can be used in place of the integrated whip antenna, and gives improved reception for shortwave stations. The radio can be powered by four AA batteries, on which it can run for over 30 hours, and it can also be powered by an external 6V DC power supply. An effective feature is Synchronous Reception. This is circuitry that can be switched on for AM signals; it can partially mitigate the effects of carrier loss due to fading, as well as interference from nearby stations.

The 7600G has been succeeded by the 7600GR; the newer model is very similar in appearance and functionality. The 7600G is the radio of choice for Al Fansome when he is in the trailer.

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