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This Cuban station typically starts broadcasting at the zero minute mark with a YL announcing "Atencion" several times. During the message section, Spanish numbers (cero uno dos tres cuatro cinco seis siete ocho nueve) are arranged in groups of five digits. The end of the broadcast consists of the word "final" repeated.

V2 is often heard in North America at night, on frequencies such as 5800, 5883, and 5898 kHz. Broadcasts typically last 30-40 minutes.



V02a is operated by Cuban Intelligence Directorate (DGI). V02a replaced V02 on 1 January 1997.

V02a always sends three fixed-length messages of 150 groups each. Each transmission is 42 minutes in length. Format: Preamble, Message #1, Message #2, Message #3, Outro

Message sample:

AtenciĆ³n 33312 41082 05572 (Repeated for three minutes) 33312 (Repeated five times) 34188 51181 01831 ... 41082 (Repeated five times) 46909 04343 89535 ... 05572 (Repeated five times) 78905 37216 54849 ... Final (Repeated three times)

Message: AtenciĆ³n 3312 41082 05572-33312 33312 33312 33312 33312-34188 51181 01831-41082 41082 41082 41082 41082-45909 04343 89535-05572 05572 05572 05572 78905 37216 54849-Final, Final, Final (End message)

V02a, along with M08a, was involved in the case of the Cuban Five "Atencion" Spy Case.

Up until late 2012, when HM01 started operation, V02a operated a large amount of schedules using AM (A3E) mode. However, since then, V02a transmissions are rare. Usually once, sometimes twice a month, on Tuesday and/or Thursday, it replaces M08a, in LSB (J3E) mode.

V02a uses the same transmitters as Radio Havana Cuba, and a computer running Windows XP is used to feed the audio of the transmissions.


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