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The Voice of Juliet was a shortwave pirate station active in the mid to late 1990s. The station is notable for Pirate Juliet, a provacative female announcer, a rarity in the shortwave pirate radio community. The shows were primarily focused on music, comedy, and social activism. Voice of Juliet used a snippet from the classic Peggy Lee song "You Give Me Fever" as both an interval signal and theme song. Voice of Juliet used the Merlin maildrop.

Voice of Juliet is one of several pirate operators who transitioned to licensed shortwave station WBCQ in the early 2000s. The WBCQ show, renamed Juliet's Wild Kingdom, maintained the slick production values and format of the pirate shows, and enjoyed a run of about 90 half hour episodes.

See also

  • Kirk Trummel's Pirate Archive CDR, Volume 1, includes studio airchecks of four of the first five broadcasts of the Voice of Juliet, including the "Maiden Voyage."
  • The North America Shortwave Pirates CDR, Volume 2 1992-1996 contains studio airchecks for the fifth and sixth eposides of Voice of Juliet.

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