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KDR444 - 444 MHz license free service - Sweden and Norway. 444.600 MHz to 444.975 MHz band - see channels below.

Norwegian "kortdistanseradio", Swedish "kortdistansradio", "short distance radio") or KDR, is a licence-free personal radio service in the UHF range used in Sweden and Norway. It is usually referred to as SRBR 444 or SRBR444 (Short Range Business Radio) in Sweden. Transmitters are limited to 2 W ERP (previously 1 W) in Sweden and 0.5 W in Norway. FM voice with a bandwidth of 25 kHz is used. Norway require a radio with fixed antenna to be used with these frequencies.

KDR444 - Nordic license free UHF short-range two-way radio service, used in conjunction with the European standardized PMR446 service. Many radios have all 16 PMR446 446 MHz channels plus the KDR444 channels. Channeling is slightly different between Norway (6 channels) and Sweden (8 channels) - see below:

Norway Sweden
Channel Frequency (MHz) Frequency (MHz)
1 444.600 444.600
2 444.650 444.650
3 444.800 444.800
4 444.825 444.825
5 444.850 444.850
6 444.975 444.875
7 444.925
8 444.975

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