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*[ The Signal Identification Wiki]
*[ The Signal Identification Wiki]
*[[Shortwave Broadcast Stations]]
*[[Shortwave Broadcast Stations]]
*[[Private European Shortwave Stations]]
*[[Shortwave jammers]]
*[[Shortwave jammers]]
*[[Shortwave Utility Stations]]
*[[Shortwave Utility Stations]]

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Welcome to, aka the HFU. This site is dedicated to documenting longwave, mediumwave, and shortwave stations, including broadcasters, utility/military stations, pirate radio and spy numbers stations.

Be sure to visit the HF Underground Message Board for the latest reception reports and news about pirate and other shortwave radio stations.

Everyone who is a radio enthusiast is encouraged to add information to the site. Just become a registered user, and you can start to contribute!

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Internet Relay Chat

Many pirate and other radio enthusiasts hang out on the #PirateRadio and #WUNClub IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels on the StarChat network. This is a place where you can chat with fellow listeners, as well as share monitoring catches in real time.

Joining the chat is fairly easy. You can use the online chat below until you get an IRC client. The Java chat requires a browser with Java enabled.

Click here to be taken to the #PirateRadio chat

Click here to be taken to the #WUNClub chat

Click here to be taken to the #mid-atlantic-scan chat (Mid Atlantic VHF/UHF Radio Scanning)

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