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UHF IISR - not to be confused with the similar British Army UK military Personal Role Radio (PRR) that uses frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) in the 2.4 GHz band with 50mW power.

Originally intended to be a military only FRS type intra squad radio service.

Not to be confused with VHF/UHF militia patriot radio channel plans squad radio and 16 channel UHF low power intra-squad radio (Baofeng UV-5R, UV-82, VHF/UHF handheld COTS radios, etc.)

Military tactical short range intra squad radio. UHF band, regular narrow FM mode. Short-range unit tactical comms radio tac radios. 14 channels, 0.5 watt 500mW 500 milliwatt transmit power.

Designed to be low probability of intercept and reduce the very short range comms on the military FM band (30-88 MHz). ISR or IISR. 380 MHz-430 MHz. Limited adoption (apparently?). Special version of the Icom IC-4008A series FRS/PMR446 radios called the Icom IC-4008M - apparently designed for the US Marine Corps. The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) apparently also at one point expressed interest. Because CAP is part of the USAF, CAP is prohibited from using civilian radio services such as FRS, GMRS, MURS and regular old 11 meter band CB Radio.

14 channels, with the FRS-standard 38 CTCSS tones to reduce interference from weak/distant signals.

0.5 watt 500mW power limit / 14 channels / 38 CTCSS sub-channels (just like the original 14-channel FRS service).

380-400 MHz band shared with military land mobile and UHF aircraft band 225-400 MHz. Functionally, appears to have been replaced by the UHF Integrated Intra Squad Radio system (380-470 MHz), although the VULOS service offered by standard tactical radios cover these frequencies.

  • Channel 1 - 396.875 MHz
  • Channel 2 - 397.125 MHz
  • Channel 3 - 397.175 MHz
  • Channel 4 - 397.375 MHz
  • Channel 5 - 397.425 MHz
  • Channel 6 - 397.475 MHz
  • Channel 7 - 397.550 MHz
  • Channel 8 - 397.950 MHz
  • Channel 9 - 398.050 MHz
  • Channel 10 - 399.425 MHz
  • Channel 11 - 399.475 MHz
  • Channel 12 - 399.725 MHz
  • Channel 13 - 399.925 MHz
  • Channel 14 - 399.975 MHz

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