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OFF TOPIC but I enjoy it….



Hello all,
Off the clandestine topic so I apologize but I had the itch to post some pics of weather faxes that I’ve received in the past month or so.
Being not very good with computers, I use a Universal M-8000 to decode (no giggling please). So these are pics of the monitor in my shack.
The ones labeled Alaska are from NOJ in Kodiak; Aus are from VMC/VMW Charleville & Wiluna, Australia; Chile is CBV Valparaiso Playa Ancha, Chile; and UK is GYA Northwoods, UK.
Hope you enjoy,

Oromo Voice & Oromgenati 1/4/14

1457z Radio Oromgenati 15515kHz
1600z Oromo Voice Radio 17850kHz
Here’s the 1st few minutes of each (note:Oromo Voice is on top above & music starts 0030; Oromgenati at 0015 or so).
I hope you like them.

Radio Tamazuj into Radio Dabanga

11 23 13
15535kHz R Tamazuj in progress at 1510z tune in then nice ID right before music into R. Dabanga at 1528z.
Here’s the recordings (longer one is Tamazuj going off).

Voice of Forum of Eritreans

Music at sign on today 11/17/13 1700z 15245kHz
Into YL/OM.
Noisy here with approaching t-storms/tornados
Only broadcasts Tues, Thurs, Sat & Sun best I can tell.
Language tigrinya – via Sophia, Bulgaria
Hope you like the recording of the 1st 90 secs (aborted by thunder claps in distance).