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OFF TOPIC but I enjoy it….



Hello all,
Off the clandestine topic so I apologize but I had the itch to post some pics of weather faxes that I’ve received in the past month or so.
Being not very good with computers, I use a Universal M-8000 to decode (no giggling please). So these are pics of the monitor in my shack.
The ones labeled Alaska are from NOJ in Kodiak; Aus are from VMC/VMW Charleville & Wiluna, Australia; Chile is CBV Valparaiso Playa Ancha, Chile; and UK is GYA Northwoods, UK.
Hope you enjoy,

Oromo Voice & Oromgenati 1/4/14

1457z Radio Oromgenati 15515kHz
1600z Oromo Voice Radio 17850kHz
Here’s the 1st few minutes of each (note:Oromo Voice is on top above & music starts 0030; Oromgenati at 0015 or so).
I hope you like them.