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Voice of Khaatumo

1700-1730 …t… 17580 VO Khaatumo – Somali
Copied 12/11/14 1700z sign on – fair to good signal. S5-8
Used USB due to AWR on 17575 – helped a lot.
Open with music into OM in Somali.
Considering the multiple mentions of Somalia during the show, I’m guessing this is targeted there – not sure of Xmitting site.
Off about 1729 after music.
Here’s the open & the close.
Hope you like,

Radio Impala

17540kHz carrier up at 1657z, sign on 1700z. Till 1755z. 2/9/14.
Details in Clandestine section of HFU.
Heres the first few minutes and the part in English (the shorter of the two).
Hope that you like.

Oromo Voice & Oromgenati 1/4/14

1457z Radio Oromgenati 15515kHz
1600z Oromo Voice Radio 17850kHz
Here’s the 1st few minutes of each (note:Oromo Voice is on top above & music starts 0030; Oromgenati at 0015 or so).
I hope you like them.