Old Time Radio received on Westmoast Coast

Hi, the other night I heard Old Time Radio fade in and I could actually understand a few phrases!  This is the best I’ve heard it. However, I’ve only been listening for a few months over the Summer. It sounded like a Colgate ad for “tooth cream.”  Cream sounds better than paste. Anyway, here’s a clip of my joy. You might need to turn up the volume and the patience because the fading is long. I captured it on my beverage aimed in the other coast’s general direction.

Old Time Radio 6770kHz, 0334utc 10/6/15


2 thoughts on “Old Time Radio received on Westmoast Coast

  1. Old Time Radio Fan

    Old Time Radio is an “accidental broadcaster” of sorts. It is located inside of an old radio museum. The antenna is a several hundred foot length of Cat 5 network cable run along the back of each radio display so each radio doesn’t need an antenna to receive the program.

    The transmitter (home brew, unknown RF output) is attached to a small audio processor and gets its audio stream from a computer. Winamp is used to run the very large playlist over and over. Another program is broadcast on 770 kHz using a Ramsey Electronics transmitter. The similarity in frequencies (6770 and 770 kHz) is not coincidental. These frequencies were chosen to make them easier to remember believe it or not.

    The owner/curator of the museum lives nearby and listens to the stream from his house. He is not fully aware of how far this broadcast can be heard and I will not divulge the location of this museum to avoid him getting into trouble. I have spoken to him about the legalities but he wasn’t interested as he has “done this for a long time without anyone breaking down his door”.

    I’m surprise these transmissions are being heard as widespread as they are.

  2. John Poet

    HA! That’s pretty close to my theory that this was some old guy broadcasting audio to his garage to listen to on some old radio, without realizing how far it was going, LOL!


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