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My yard sale find. Let me show you it.

Besides counting pirate radio listening as one of my huge wastes of time, I spend a lot of hours and money driving my land barge pickup truck around to yard sales. Generally speaking, 98% of yard sales have nothing of interest to me; trinkets and children’s clothes and toys and broken Chinese power tools. But every now and again, I find something interesting. So yesterday morning, I park me truck on an impossibly narrow street and trudge the rest of the way on foot up to a small yard sale, where at the foot of the driveway, I immediately see this:  P1060854

“It’s a ham radio!” exclaims the middle aged guy running the sale. “How much?” I ask. “$20″. I bargain on everything. So my counteroffer of $15 was accepted. And off I go to hump the box back to the truck much to the puzzled consternation of Mrs. Beerus.

So, what’s in the box? Well, it’s a pretty mint Hallicrafters SX-99, with a speaker, and a doublet antenna still in the box.


You might notice the silver knob inserts missing from several knobs; I have those, and just need to glue them back in. They fell out when I took the radio out of the box.


The inside of the radio is complete, and very clean!


This antenna box has some 1950’s panache.


The antenna copper itself has no tarnish and the twisted pair feedline is still taped up like it was from the factory so I don’t think this antenna was ever hung.


So that’s it, my friends. My yard sale find for August 3rd, 2013. I showed you it. I have other things I have found over the years that may be future blog posts. As well, I will post anything new I come across. What have you found? You can post about YOUR yard sale finds over at the HFU! Check out this thread:,12018.0.html

Cheers for now!