Welcome to the Clandestine section!

Hello all,
While I am in NO WAY an expert on dxing clandestine stations, I have concentrated on this area of SWLing for the past 20 or so years.
I figured I’d start out by telling you a bit about myself, my equipment, and the “tools” I use to find info about clandestine station broadcasts.
At some point I’d like to be able to “post” some mp3s of recordings that I have made over the years – many of which are of clandestines that are now long gone. I’m not real computer literate but hopefully I can figure it out (my recordings are on Sony Mini-Discs and I have Audacity on my computer that will convert wav files to mp3 files – I think…. If someone can offer me info on how best to make these mp3s available, I would be very grateful and I can promise that everyone will find these recordings interesting).
Though I am also a numbers station enthusiast and have logged many over the years, I don’t plan on discussing that aspect of our hobby and will instead concentrate on what (I think) we all consider “true clandestines”.
I hope that you will find my blog informative, entertaining, and useful in your own hunting for these stations. Thanks.

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