Pirate Station YHWH

There’s a relatively new religious pirate station, apparently from the west coast as that’s where most of the loggings have been from. The programming consists mostly of readings from the Old Testament, as well as religious commentary. YHWH being Yahweh without the vowels.

First reported on 5990 kHz on September 7, 2013, starting at 0220 UTC. Then on 6010 kHz on September 11, 2013 from 0440-0502 UTC, and then on 6010 kHz on September 15, 2013 from 0120 until 0204 sign off, all by Dan Sheedy of Encinitas, CA.

Bob LaRose of San Diego, CA heard YHWH on 9775 kHz on September 28, 2013 until 0133 UTC.

Glenn Hauser of OK heard them on October 8, 2013 on 9775 kHz starting at 0105 UTC, and heard past 0145 UTC.

Most recently, YHWH was heard on October 14, 2013 on 3234.95 kHz by Ron Howard of CA, who provided an audio recording of the ID.

Thanks to Glenn Hauser of DX Listening Digest for the above logs.

However, it looks like YHWH has been heard since at least August. I found this logging from W6SO of Woodland Hills, CA :

Is anyone else hearing a broadcaster (Station YHWH) in the 80 M band (3.845 Mhz using AM)? It is currently 18 August 2013 at about 04:15 GMT and this station has been there for over an hour now. Is this station in some way legitimate, or are they just bootlegging in the middle of our bands?

W7UUU in Tacoma, WA also heard that transmission.

Our own Pigmeat Martin heard YHWH on October 7, 2013 on 9775 kHz at around 2330 UTC (I suspect this was the UTC October 8 logging), so it is making it to the east coast.

There was some speculation that YHWH transmitted on the Sabbath (Friday night, UTC Saturday if from the west coast), but here’s a list of the reported transmissions:
3845 August 18, 2013: Sunday
5990 September 7, 2013: Saturday
6010 September 11, 2013: Wednesday
6010 September 15, 2013: Sunday
9775 October 8, 2013: Tuesday
3235 October 14, 2013: Monday

I’m not sure how well 6 MHz will propagate to the east coast at 0100 UTC, that is 6 PM local time on the west coast. 3 MHz is even more doubtful. 9 MHz should have the best chance.

If anyone knows of any loggings of YHWH lot listed above, please let me know, either via an email, comment to this blog post, or via a post to the HF Underground.

Some more updates: Token has heard this station as far back as May 18, 2013 on 6925 kHz at 0145 UTC. Also on July 27, 2013 at 0115 on 6950 kHz. The following weekend he heard YHWH just above the 40 meter ham band.

3 thoughts on “Pirate Station YHWH

  1. Marc Moss

    Heard him booming through loud and clear on 6100 kHz at 0130z (5:30 PM Pacific) with that spooky music followed by ranting against celebrations of Christmas and Easter, political/civic involvement, birthdays, “imbecile Mormons”, and so on. Signal died mysteriously, right in the middle of preaching, at 0142z.

  2. Marc Moss

    By the way, my QTH is southeast Ventura County. The fact that I heard him loud and clear supports the likelihood that his transmission emanates from the west coast.

  3. Everett Curry

    Station YHWH heard in northwest Oregon on 16 January 2014 at 2300 UTC and continuing. The signal was centered on 14.350 MHz but moved between 14.349.9 and 14.350.25.


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