Radio Miraya FM

Hello all – here’s a sample of a clandestine I caught on 3/17/13 at 0300z 9940khz. This BX is via the Sudan and is directed to Africa in general. Interesting that it pops up out of static into a song in progress then transitions to Dylan’s “Lay, Lady, Lay” before the first voice announcement, then into music. The full recording contains the entire Dylan song, but I edited here for brevity.
Recent feedback indicates this is NOT a clandestine though sources still list it as such. Strange.
I have more of this recording – this is just a slice.
I hope that you enjoy it.

One thought on “Radio Miraya FM

  1. Rob VK3BVW

    Hi fpeconsultant,

    As I was researching material for an article I have written on Radio Miraya, I came across your blog post of September 7. Could I respectfully point out that Radio Miraya is NOT a clandestine radio station. It has a well established network of 26 relays for its FM service throughout the Republic of South Sudan, as well as the shortwave relay of three hours of that service each day between 0300 and 0600 UTC. The station runs under the auspices of UNMISS – the United Nations Mission In South Sudan.

    You may be interested in the article I have just published on Radio Miraya, which can be found at my blog – the Mount Evelyn DX Report (MEDXR):

    Best 73,

    Rob VK3BVW


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