Basic Info & Radio Hargeysa (non-Clandestine)

Ok – a bit about me & my location: I’m near Chicago, IL USA. I use a Drake R8, a Ten-Tec RX340, a JRC NRD545, and a Watkins Johnson HF-1000, with a 300′ tuned LW, and a 40m inverted vee, plus a bunch of gadgets (Sherwood SE-3s, JPS NIR-12, Timewave DSP 599zx, RF Systems P-3).
I’m 52 and have listened to SW since I was about 10. Unfortunately I didn’t start a written log until 1992 or so. I have logged many clandestines, concentrating on chasing African stations. I have a lot of recordings & I’ll be posting them from time to time.
As we get near fall, conditions should improve greatly – work typically keeps me off the tuning knobs Mon-Fri 6am to 5pm CT. I’ll try to post a heads up of clandestine activity on here as I confirm schedules for the fall.
I tend to use whatever schedules I can find on the web (EiBi, Primetime SW, swskeds from NASWA via yahoo, etc.).
Here’s Radio Hargeysa (VO Somaliland) from Somalia that I caught on 3/17/13 at 0330z on 7120khz. You’ll notice they come up at the BOH into marching music, then drums with the same music, into an OM in Somali language, then eventually chanting. Though not a clandestine, catches like this indicate openings in the right direction! This is a slice of the recording that I have.
I hope that you enjoy my blog and find the recordings of interest.

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